We are a website development and video production company based in Tokyo, Japan.
Want to create a website in Japanese or making videos in Japan? We can help you.

Web Solutions

You want a simple website in Japanese?
Websites enable to display several languages?
Websites compatible to PC and Smartphone?
We develop our own platform to create websites that meet your needs.

Multi-device & Multilingual

The number of devices that can connect to the Internet has been steadily increasing in the recent years. A website that is not fully compatible faces a considerable loss of visitors, and multi-device solutions have become a vital technology as well as a powerful asset.
Even if nowadays HTML5 and CSS3 allow responsive design to create websites compatible to PC and Smartphone, they are always exceptions and compatibility issues. Our technology allows covering those differences in order to offer the latest Internet technologies in terms of user interface, while offering a variation of quality at reduced costs for environments with fewer possibilities. We do more than just reformatting web pages, we optimize content for better performance, fitting screen size and device capabilities.
Conop offers a multi-device hosting platform that allows your site to be compatible to an amazingly wide range of devices in Japan. From old mobiles devices to the latest HTML5 & CSS3 compatible browsers, we can offer an Internet experience of quality for all.

We are an officially approved vendor of Japanese mobile carriers which allows us receiving the specifications of all the latest devices to hit the market and update our platform in real time.

We can make compatible your current site to a larger number of devices, or update it for best performance.


We offer a multilingual solution that doesn’t require making a copy of the site for each language, reducing time and maintenance costs per language.
Simply translate text files for corresponding pages or templates, minimizing the number of tasks between translations and web site update. You can always add a new language allowing you to expand your communication.
Our website structure is made in order to avoid the confusion of languages by search engines which can result to deplorable consequences on the search ranking.
We can translate your website into Japanese and assist you to communication in Japan.



We provide tools to allow users to connect to your website using SNS account like Facebook or twitter. If they comment about your content, it can be shared in their communities.
Also tools to send messages automatically to your twitter or Facebook pages at the specific time, useful when you want to communicate in different languages to aim the best time and get the best result.



Lots of things are said on the SEO, but actually there is no miracle. We have to provide a useful content, and let it know to search engines. For us, SEO optimization is a part of website development. We give you advices and create pages in order to get the best result.
This includes site registration to get your site crawl, sitemap generation to inform crawlers on your recent update and specifics markup to give the best message on the search result pages.


Video Production

Conop produce high quality videos at reasonable price.
Television, web, exhibition, events, whatever its final use, we ensure their adaptation to each media.

From planning to shooting, editing to CG making, we adapt our services to your need at any stage of your project. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Program

    We can help you realize your programs, tv show in Japan.
    Location scouting, organization, authorization management, shooting, editing, we are here to assist you in the various stages of your project. We can make the bridge between your teams and partners Japanese.

    For 3 years we worked on Kyou, a program introducing Japanese video games from Tokyo and broadcast on France 3 in France and France overseas territories.


About Us

Conop was created in 2003 by a French developer, Mehdi Nekkache.
From the beginning in web development, he worked on multilingual website for major international companies. He is one of the first French developers who created a site for i-mode from France in the late ninety.
In 2000, he participated in the establishment of an office in Japan for a French company as Technical Manager of Asia Department.
In 2002, he worked with Microsoft on the first m-commerce mobile website using .Net in Japan.

In 2003, Conop born, and within a year, we have developed more than 30 official sites for Japanese mobile carriers. Since its creation Conop has focused developing tools allowing website to handle several languages and supports a large number of devices.
In 2006, we start video production to extend our communication tools.
In 2007, we started to work on a weekly Tv show broadcast on France 3, a French National channel.

With a team that can work in French, English and Japanese, our expertise in web development and video production; we can help you to realize your projects and communication in Japan.
Our prices are very affordable, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or for more information.
NameConop co.,ltd.
Major Business Activities■Video Production
■Planning /Developpement /Production /Management /Consulting of Multi-platform,Multi-Device Sites
■Planning /Developpement /Production /Management /Consulting of Official Sites of Japanese Carriers.


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